My wife and I work long hours, and now, every Saturday we drop off using their special price on wash & fold, and every Sunday we pick it up. Our clothes are clean and ready for the week ahead.

     Mark S.

What our customer said about us:

They remodeled since I was last here. Now the place is sparkling clean with fresh paint, cold A/C, TVs, and nice signs showing what to do. They have plenty of tables and chairs and nicely organized.  They also have Wi-Fi (just ask the attendant for the free password).
Also, thank goodness this laundromat opens 7 days a week until 10:00 pm.. So convenient. I can always find close parking and never thought I'd feel decently safe in a laundromat in the late hours. I highly, highly recommend this laundromat to others.

     Irene R.

I was looking for a Dry Cleaner that would do it the way we wanted. Found this great cleaner that did follow my instructions to the letter at very reasonable prices. My clothing was ready as promised and their attendants always had a smile on their face. They also did my comforters at a great price.

     Margarita G.

‚ÄčKendall Coin Laundry

Found this laundromat that offered everything I was looking for. They have a great kid's area with children videos, books and their own chairs. The attendant even kept them entertained while I did my weekly laundry. I was also do some of my college work with their free Wi-Fi. Great place

     Joan R.


I had to battle for an available apartment washer for months since we moved there. Now we use Kendall Coin Laundry drop off service. They do a great job at prices we can afford. My load is nicely folded and smelling very nice.

     Rose P.

I discovered this place when the laundry machines in my apartment broke. The wash-and-fold service is so convenient.  They charge by the pound and I believe the minimum amount is $10.00.  My clothes come back spotless and smell great for several days! I can not afford wash-and-fold every week, but then I do my own using their coin machines.  
If you would like same-day wash-and-fold paying a bit extra, I suggest bringing your laundry to the establishment in the morning, preferably before 10:00 a.m.

     Roger G.